Materials Matter

We love our environment so go out of our way to source eco-conscious materials and turn them into beautiful, timeless styles with as little harm to the environment as we can possibly do.

We design with nature in mind.

What is 'eco'? the element is referring to the environment and people's relation to it; abstracted from ecology, ecological; attested from 1969. 'Eco' is not harmful to the environment, relating to the ecology ecosystems, the environment, habitat and surroundings.

We only use natural, organic fabrics and environmentally friendly TENCEL tm Lyocell, and a small amount of recycled polyester. Virgin synthetic textiles are fossil-fuel derived, non-biodegradable and non-compostable. They shed microplastics into our waterways, soil and air. We do not use them in any of our products.

TENCEL tm Lyocell from Lenzing AG, Austria comes from sustainably managed European forests, the fibres are fully biodegradable and compostable, thus they can fully revert to nature. These fibres have a luxurious sheen and are naturally soft and breathable, providing the wearer with long-lasting comfort. They are also naturally soft which means laundry softeners are not necessary.

The materials are produced in a unique, environmentally responsible closed-loop process that maximizes resource efficiency with low ecological impact. The solvent-spinning process recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of 99%, minimizing environmental impact.


GOTS certified Organic Silk from Bombyx, China. Bombyx is an innovative silk supplier with a focus on building “the world’s largest organic silk production base”. They have developed a fully integrated agricultural cultivation centre, supplying not only organic silks, but also farming organic food in order to develop a system of Regenerative Agriculture farming. Silk is collected from the silkworm cocoon fed on leaves from organically grown mulberry trees, requiring significantly less water than cotton production. They have also committed to renewable technologies.

Our TENCEL tm Lyocell and Bombyx silk fabrics are supplied by Esce-Tex in London, whose founding pillars are transparency in supply chains, increased accessibility, creativity in customisation, growth and support in consultancy and education and awareness.

All haberdashery, labels and packaging are sourced with the utmost care to fulfil the desire for our products not to be harmful and to be biodegradable.