About Johanna


Designer, researcher & digital print mixed media artist

I am committed to working in the most ethical manner that I can.

Life changes prompted Johanna to enrol on an Art Foundation course. This led to doing a BA (Hons) Art Practice degree, working with mixed media, photographs, vintage images, printing and PhotoShop; the designs were then digitally printed onto environmentally friendly fabrics.

After focussing on the study of social & environmental effects of fast and ultra-fast fashion for the degree show and dissertation, Johanna's eyes were opened to the profound levels of damage clothes production is causing. Having always loved fashion and creating her own look, it was her desire to take a sustainable and ethical approach to create a brand offering unique, luxurious items, utilising everything she had learnt.


Buying less is hard; that's why JoJoCoCoDesigns takes on the responsibility to create accessories designed to be elegant, comfortable, lifelong investments and with as little cost to the environment as possible. Creating awareness and continual learning is a journey for us all.

Johanna is also a passionate advocate of global equality and actively engages in debate, via social media and in conversation, to enlighten others about the global inequalities within clothes production, and how to make better choices.

Her belief is Take it Slow, Make a World of Difference.


Receiving her First Class BA (Hons) Degree at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Suffolk.