Four ladies with printed t-shirts showing Wear Your Values

Remake - disrupting the clothes industry

REMAKE is a registered non-profit founded by Ayesha Barenblat, leading collective action to disrupt the 2.5 trillion dollar fashion industry. They unite changemakers in the fight for human rights and climate justice in the clothing industry. They state that if you champion women's empowerment, pay equity, and environmental sustainability, you are already one of them!
Here are excerpts from their 2023 list of what's IN and what's OUT
Prioritizing rest; climate optimism; unplugging and logging off; repeating last year's outfits; living wages; supporting small business instead of big companies exploiting the earth; accountability; less is more; personal style; community and mutual aid.
Pushing endless Amazon products; clothing hauls; SHEIN; shaming individuals for imperfect sustainability; following micro trends; greenwashing; impulse purchases; supporting brands who aren't transparent about their supply chains
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