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"Fashion's Battle against Microplastics"

"Laundry day is the new frontline in fashion's battle against microplastics"

The Business of Fashion reports on many issues around the topic of fashion and sustainability, the problems, the innovations and the designers to name just a few. This is a promising piece of news on how washing machines will be made with the ability to help combat microplastics.

BoF reports "Patagonia has jumped on fashion’s collab bandwagon and teamed with a big-name partner on a hot new product. It’s a washing machine, made with Samsung.

The US outdoor retailer and South Korean electronics giant announced last year they would work together on a solution to help combat the scourge of microplastics. Those are the tiny fibres shed — especially in the wash — by items including stretchy yoga wear and Patagonia’s popular polyester fleeces that wind up in oceans, our food, on top of Mt. Everest and even in our blood. Last week at CES, the annual tech bonanza showcasing new innovations, they touted a new washing machine featuring “Less Microfiber” technology.

“A breakthrough in the fight against microplastics, the Less Microfiber Cycle cuts microplastic emissions by up to 54%,” Samsung said in a release."

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