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My Degree is Done!

Posted on July 6, 2022.

Well, after what can only be described as an immensely hectic few years, I am now waiting for my final results. Here is a piece from my final dissertation for which my lecturers (marks subject to approval by the external board) awarded me 76% - truly amazing, I am proud of myself.

'The review raises the question of can anything done at scale is good for the planet. Unless you are working with nature, no, it cannot. A systemic change in how we view and consume fashion is required, not just the changes required in fashion production; if we don’t ask for new styles every day, it becomes pointless to manufacture them. Unless most consumers understand the damage being done, they will not alter their shopping habits. Waiting for them to make the change will not get our planet back on track; along with technology, innovation and collaboration, global legislation must take the lead. When those with the power to change the global fashion industry have an economic incentive to protect the environment, then change may occur.'
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